You are currently viewing Halong Bay International Cruise Port Grand Opening: A New Era of Tourism in Vietnam

In May 2023, Halong Bay is set to open its new international cruise port, which is expected to be a major hub for cruise ships in the region. The port will be able to accommodate up to 8,000 visitors per day, making it a convenient and accessible gateway to Halong Bay’s stunning natural beauty and cultural heritage.

The grand opening of the new international cruise port is expected to be a major event, featuring a range of activities that showcase the best of Vietnamese culture and hospitality. Visitors can expect to enjoy traditional performances, exhibitions, and food stalls, as well as explore the state-of-the-art facilities of the port itself.

The new international cruise port is a joint venture between Vietnam’s Sun Group and Carnival Corporation, and is the result of a $44 million investment. The port will feature advanced security systems and environmental protection measures, ensuring a safe and sustainable environment for tourists and the local community.

The opening of the new international cruise port is expected to have significant implications for Vietnam’s tourism industry. It will provide a more convenient and enjoyable experience for cruise ship passengers visiting Halong Bay, while also generating economic benefits for the local community and stimulating the development of related industries.

The grand opening of Halong Bay’s new international cruise port in May 2023 promises to be an exciting and significant event, marking a new era of tourism in Vietnam and providing visitors with a world-class facility to explore one of the country’s most beautiful and culturally rich regions.