You are currently viewing Quang Ninh Launches New Tourism Products for Enhanced Visitor Experience

Quang Ninh, a northern coastal province in Vietnam, is set to launch two new maritime tourism products in Bai Tu Long Bay, located in Van Don district. This move aims to reduce the congestion of visitors in popular tourist destinations such as Bai Chay and Tuan Chau.

The province has planned to introduce a total of 24 new tourism products in the near future, with two sightseeing tours on Bai Tu Long Bay being among them. These tours will be facilitated by several cruise ships currently operating in Halong Bay. To access this service, both domestic and international tourists will need to travel a short distance from Van Don International Airport to Ao Tien high-class port instead of making the longer journey to Halong Bay.

The launch of the two new routes is expected to fully utilize the recently operational Ao Tien port and diversify the marine tourism products on offer. The local authorities are keen on developing sea and island tourism products in Halong Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay, Van Don, Co To districts, and upgrading the cruise ship fleet to meet international standards. Additionally, they are expanding tourism services to areas such as Tien Yen, Dam Ha, Hai Ha, and Mong Cai in a sustainable and effective manner that ensures the preservation of the ecological environment and sustainable management.

Quang Ninh is also calling for further investment from professional investors to develop high-end products in Van Don and Co To areas, and encouraging the growth of community-based tourism in regions with limited economic resources but rich cultural traditions.

This development in Quang Ninh Province is particularly relevant to foreign tourists seeking new and diverse travel experiences in Vietnam. The province’s focus on sustainable and responsible tourism ensures that the environmental and cultural heritage of the region is preserved for future generations.