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Quang Ninh province owns beautiful beaches, magnificent natural landscapes, and the famous Ha Long Bay. Besides, tourists coming here can also visit other attractions such as Quang Ninh museum, “Dolphin Palace,” and especially experiencing the view of Ha Long Bay from the top of Bai Tho Mountain.

About 6 years ago, Bai Tho Mountain attracted many domestic and foreign tourists to check-in and explore. However, in 2017, after the forest fire and landslides, Bai Tho Mountain temporarily stopped receiving visitors, and the road up the mountain was fenced off.

Currently, Ha Long City has a policy and plan to exploit and organize the tour route to Bai Tho Mountain. All structures will be renovated, upgraded, and especially the mountain peak will have a garden with two scenic floors, telescopes, creating beautiful landscapes, convenient and safe, ensuring hygiene for tourists.

This information makes local residents and tourists start planning to conquer Bai Tho Mountain and admire a different Ha Long Bay.

Located in Bach Dang ward, Ha Long City, Bai Tho Mountain is a high limestone mountain about 168m high, closely associated with the historical events of Vietnam. The highest peak of the mountain has a label-like shape, with many rocky outcrops below.

According to legend, Bai Tho Mountain was the place where soldiers guarded the Northeastern border pass, and when the enemy arrived, they lit a fire to report back to the capital. Therefore, the mountain is also known as Roi Den Mountain or Truyen Dang Mountain. Since 1468, when King Le Thanh Tong had a poem carved on the mountain wall, Lord Trinh Cuong and many other poets also composed poems, and Roi Den Mountain was renamed Bai Tho Mountain. Today, on the mountain, there is still a stone tablet summarizing the formation of the mountain.

At the peak of Bai Tho Mountain, there is a red flag with a yellow star, reminiscent of the image of coal miners in Hon Gai who raised the flag on May 1st, 1930.

Prior to 2017, many tourists who visited Halong Bay would seek out Bai Tho Mountain, especially foreign tourists. Although the ascent to the summit is quite challenging, many tourists are willing to make the climb to get a new perspective of Halong Bay.

Bai Tho Mountain has a unique location, with one side hugged by bustling small streets, while the other side is surrounded by the sea where boats converge. Standing atop Bai Tho Mountain, tourists can take in a panoramic view of Halong Bay with its green waters, miniature boats, and the whole scenery stretching from Hon Gai to Bai Chay.

At dawn, the scenery here becomes even more mystical with a white mist surrounding the rocky islands. At dusk, Halong City sparkles with lights. In addition, the “Instagrammable” photos taken here exude the grandeur of the Vietnamese landscape.

Bai Tho Mountain is located in the center of Halong City, but the way up is not easy to find. Previously, to get to the foot of the mountain, tourists had to follow a small path next to Long Tien Pagoda or near house number 86 Hang Noi, at the intersection of Hang Noi and Le Thanh Tong streets. If tourists want to conquer Bai Tho Mountain, they should ask locals living nearby for directions.

The path leading up Bai Tho Mountain is mainly winding stone steps surrounded by lush trees on both sides. As tourists approach the summit, the path gradually narrows. However, the panoramic view from the top is breathtaking, and the cool breeze helps to relieve the fatigue of the climb.